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26"인치 프리스타일 바이시클로 유명한 NS BIKES 의 레전드라이더 Sam Pilgrim의 시그네쳐 그립이 입고 되었습니다.

일반 그립보다 길이가 길고, 사용 하기에 적합한 두께로 편안한 그립감을 제공 합니다. 플런지를 제거할 수 있게 가이드 라인이 있으며, 버젼 업 된 바엔드는 우수한 내구성과 더불어 조금의 경량화를 이루었습니다.

바엔드와 샘 필그림의 부러진 이빨을 상징하는 키링이 함께 포함되어있습니다.

* 바엔드는 사진상의 볼트락 방식이 아닌, 내구성이 향상되고 무게가 좀 더 가벼워진 원피스 타입의 푸쉬-인 바엔드로 변경되었습니다. (마지막 사진의 바엔드가 현재 버젼의 바엔드 입니다.)


::: Specs :::

-Material : soft / medium compound
-Diameter : 29.5mm / 1.16” diameter / medium size
-Length: uncut 155mm / 6.1”,
after cutting the flange 144mm / 5.65”, after cutting both sides = 133mm / 5.2
-cutting line to easy remove flanges
-includes custom push-in NS bar ends
-always remember to use bar ends as they can prevent fatal injuries!!!
~115g + 15g NS bar-ends
-Colours: black, white, transparent clear, blue, lemon lime, red




NS Bikes - a small company from Europe that started from a garage and within a few years went to be one of the world leaders in the dirt bike scene, with the best riders and best products.

Sam Pilgrim - a guy from nowhere who won just about every competition in the 2011 season as soon as he signed with NS.

These two stories are etched into these grips, letter by letter. One grip is dedicated to Sam, one to the NS design team. Both stories are actually rap lyrics, and one day you will hear them being performed live by the guys themselves.

The grips have a great feeling, have plenty of body but remain reasonably thin.

For 2013 The Legend gips feature new good looking push-in bar end with NS-Bikes logo.

Simple, strong, twice as light as previous bolt-on one.

It's thicker than most stock solutions so it should last a little bit longer. The outside diameter is slightly smaller than our grips so it won't feel uncomfortable in your palms.

Oh yeah one more thing.

We know that Sam has it all - lot's of bikes, cash, chicks. But he lacks one thing. A front tooth! So we decided to help. These grips come with his missing tooth that can be cut off and used as a great keyring.





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